Friday, April 9, 2010


....singular sensation.

Just in case you haven't heard i'm doing the show A Chorus Line, It's been an amazing experience getting to do this show, even if it is at a crappy theatre (and i'm practically doing it for free) . I'm getting to do the most amazing show with some of the most talented people in Chicago. It really wouldn't have happened if we all hadn't taken the initiative and given all that we possibly could, which i'm very proud of because that's how the show was created in the first place.

I'm also completely obsessed with it, i'm reading the biography of the show and how it came to be right now, its called On The Line and was written by three of the people who lived it. It's kind of the center of my entire existance right now. The show is an Audition, and it's helped me a lot because that's my second job, Auditioning. I'm doing it more and more and i think i'm getting better at it. I've already got three shows that will take me into the end of the year and two of them actually pay enough for me to pay rent. I feel really lucky to be getting cast but also really proud because i know i'm getting these gigs because i'm talented and a hard worker.

So all in all life is going really well.....except i must be bipolar because the past few weeks especially i absolutely loathe my job... the tea one....well it's not so much the job as it is the customer service aspect....I feel like people can talk to me like a lesser being because i'm behind a counter and in a hat and because its a corporation i have to just sit there and take it. if there's one thing i miss about living in Texas...(besides the warm weather more than two months a year) is southern hospitality. it's a vicious circle of rude costumers (who clearly hate thier own lives) making me hate my life and want to be rude back....and the number of people it takes for me to get to that point is getting smaller and smaller. i think i just need a break...luckily i have the show, and i'm looking forward so much to my family coming this weekend.

Lana and Nathan and Mom and Dad are coming to Chicago Ladies and Gents....get ready for it.

and because i only read blogs with pictures on them, here are some of me :)
this is my Thanksgiving was delicious!!!!

this is a picture from the last show i was in The Pirates of Penzance.....i was a pirate, if you couldn't tell...this is potatoe my roommates dog

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

41. He’s a master skydiver

42. He’s a master scuba diver

43. He’s a plate cleaner

44. He’s always up for a race

45. I think it’s funny when he points at things (like trees) intending for whoever’s around to look at whatever he sees, but he doesn’t say anything so nobody knows what he’s doing

46. I think it’s cool that he’s a pilot

47. He comes to most all of my shows (the ones I tell him to come to)

48. He always tell me I am the best one in my shows(I don’t even have to tell him to say that)

49. When we go indoor skydiving and he’s on a first name basis with everyone that works there

50. He’s always up for anything crazy and fun like surfing and jumping out of planes

51. He used to take me up in the little yellow two seater plane….(j-3 cub)

52. He always asks me if I want to go golfing with him even though he knows the answer is no, I still like being asked though

53. He brings a baseball mitt to baseball games

54. He got to play baseball with Nolan Ryan

55. He’s taken me on some sweet vacations that I’ll never forget

56. I get my spirit of adventure from him

57. I enjoy remembering his adventures in real estate and car flipping(even though he probably doesn’t)

58. He’s completely random (really dad, racecar driving lessons?)

59. He helped birth me

60. He’s the greatest dad and grandpa in the world!

Friday, January 1, 2010

in the style of my sister Lana

I hereby write this letter to 2009
Dear 09'
You were okay but you weren't exactly what I expected. I have learned a lot from you, like how even when terrible or just stupid things happen in your day/week/life-something surprising and equally great is left behind. You've also brought me some fun things like, sweet jobs at new and nice theatres and way overused catch phrases such as "you guys" and "that's what she said" (I do love a good catch phrase.) But the thing that I definitely need to take away from you and never forget is that nothing...absolutely nothing is going to turn out the way I think it should, or the way I think is right... so I must continue to roll with the punches and work hard at what I want. 2009, you've been great but 2010 is gonna be soooo much better. I bid you adieu in the same fashion one bids the flu (or like when you finally exit the train after being stuck on an express run with obnoxious cell phone talkers and stinky homeless people.)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Jack Frost Nippin at MY nose

current read: the HP's I'm on the prisoner of Azkaban
current music: I don't really listen to music all that much lately cause of the tragic loss of my ipod but if i did i would be listening to Lady GaGa..... ALL THE TIME!

Hello poeple,
I want to let you all know first and foremost that it's freezing cold here in the windy city but i'm pretty warm most of the time because I live in a cave. (in this instance I use the term cave meaning my room has no windows but is not actually like a cave because caves are cold and my room has a giant red heating pipe running through it)
Let's see.... since last I blogged nothing really of note has happened except that I acquired a real bed....with a box spring and everything... I'm sleeping a lot better these days. I also started another show The Pirates of Penzance- The show is a lot of fun and I'm particularly loving being with this cast.
We finally got TV in our humble little place which is kinda sad to me because before if i was bored I would clean or do yoga or read and now I just kill braincells surfing through channels looking for something decent to come on. although I do like how we get the aljazeera network. I don't watch it I just like knowing it's there.
I recently had a situation at my job with this girl who came in, she must have been having a bad day and me and my coworker shmirma (name changed to protect the innocent) were also being rather grumpity. wemust have all just started off on the wrong footing and since we (my coworker and I) were not feeling this girl (she was being a little too snippy-it's just tea people) we didn't bother to turn things around and give her what we call signature service.That was a mistake on our part but we didn't really think anything of it. Well homegirl went home and emailed the owner of the company telling him how rude we were and how mistreated and hurt she felt.... Okay I agree we didn't go above and beyond as we usually do to make this girl happy but she was no peach herself and give someone time and a knack for non-fiction writing and things start to happen, like people start talking about firing people. luckily it was us (me and schmirma) were talking about here so our manager knew we would never treat anyone as horrible as she made us out in her email. anyway, the whole thing blew over and all is well but it serves as a reminder to me- no matter how bad of a day i'm having, and whether i'm in front of or behind the counter anywhere, I should always be nice.
Because when you are nice to people they are likely to be nice to someone else and doesn't that just make everything better?
the answer is yes.
In other news I heart my roommate alot. Here are just a sampling of the fun things we do when at home and without chores.
Juggling: she's teaching me a lot of cool partner tricks
making grilled cheese: my cheese is dairy free but it's still fun
sing: we made a delightfull little song about our mouse Consuela
STOP!!!! WE INTERRUPT THIS LIST BECAUSE..... we have a mouse (ew right?) I named her Consuela and she lives part-time behind the oven and part time behind the fridge. There's no particular reason why I named her the way I did other than I like saying it.... Connnssssuuuueeeeeellllllaaaa. rolls right off the tong.
now i've lost my motivation to blog so- to all my faithfull readers out there (both of you) Happy Holidays!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just Kidding

Sorry folks, I lied. I will not be attending white trash rendezvous after all... :(
I couldn't swing the time off at work because i'm going to a wedding in October and I need the time off for that.
In other news I have been pretty much cut off from the world the past couple of in I don't have television or the internets (i'm no my break and using the computer at work) and i lost my ipod. So what have I been doing with all this extra free time you ask? well I've begun work on my t-shirt quilt, It's been fun fiddling with my sewing machine. I still have my bike and i've been riding it a lot, trying to get all the use out of it I can before the winter comes. Mostly I just read all the time. In the past month I have read the following books and I am recomending them to whoever reads this mainly because i'm bored.
Me talk pretty one day, Naked, and When your engulfed in flames by David Sedaris.
Persepolis one and two by Marjane Setrapi
and now im reading possible side effects by Augesten Burroughs.
Apperantly I'm really into short stories right now. The're easy to get through quick and good train riding material.
I've also been taking some dance classes at this studio by where I work and that has been really great. okay my break has been up for a while now...back to work.

Monday, September 7, 2009

yello people

lots of stuff happenin since last i blogged- pretty much all of it uninteresting except a few things. I'm going after the things i want now- not waiting around for them to come to me anymore, and i'm learning how to be a bit more responsible with my money,
i'm coming to WHITE TRASH FEST! get ready people.....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

birthday update

i forgot to mention in the video Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and ....